UPI Gateway Features

Zero Fees

Your UPI gateway offers a seamless payment acceptance solution without any transaction fees.

UPI Integration

The gateway is integrated with the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) for accepting payments from any UPI-enabled app or bank.

Easy Setup

Setting up your UPI gateway is quick and straightforward, allowing businesses to start accepting payments in no time.

Secure Transactions

The gateway ensures secure and encrypted transactions, protecting sensitive customer data and financial information.

Multi-Platform Support

It supports various platforms, including websites, mobile apps, and e-commerce platforms, offering flexibility to businesses across different channels.

Instant Settlement

Funds received through UPI payments are settled instantly into the business's bank account, reducing the waiting period for access to funds.

Transaction History

A comprehensive transaction history is provided, allowing businesses to keep track of all UPI payments received.

Customizable Payment Experience

The UPI gateway offers customizable payment interfaces, allowing businesses to align the look and feel with their brand.

QR Code Integration

Businesses can generate dynamic QR codes to receive UPI payments, making it convenient for customers to scan and pay.

Multiple UPI IDs

Your UPI gateway allows businesses to associate multiple UPI IDs with a single account, facilitating payments received from different channels.

Real-time Notifications

Instant notifications are sent to businesses and customers for successful UPI transactions, ensuring transparency and prompt updates.

Refund Management

The UPI gateway offers a streamlined refund process, allowing businesses to initiate and manage refunds seamlessly.